FAQ ENG - Osseointegracja

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the implant implanted for?

The implant is implanted for life and does not have to be replaced.

The process of fully integrating the bone with the implant lasts from 6 to 8 months, then the patient achieves complete freedom of movement. Until then, the patient walks and uses his endo-exo prosthesis, but not with full loads

What happens in the event of a falling? Is the implant safe?

The design of the system protects the bone against fracture. In case of higher loads, the safety pin gives way and the bone remains intact.

Implants are made of an alloy of cobalt, chromium and molybdenum (CoCrMo) surrounded by a layer made of an alloy of titanium and niobium (TiNb). These materials work very well with the human body and allergic reactions are extremely rare.

Can I play sports with osseointegration?

Yes, of course!

Osseointegration allows you to increase physical activity after amputation, and allows you to play sports. With endo-exo you can, for example, swim freely in the sea or in a pool, and our patients climb mountain peaks.

Osseointegration financing?

Until now, financing is done only from the patient’s own funds, insurance companies or foundations.

Osseointegration has been present in Poland since May 24, 2021 and it can be safely said that this is an activity on the “5” – the highest – level.
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